Made in the Midlands member Andel Plastics and local manufacturer Total Precision has joined forces to produce vital components needed in the medical sector. These products will be used in hospitals to help test patients who may have COVID-19. 

After receiving a request from NHS Chesterfield, Total Precision began work to start producing cupules for measuring devices used by the NHS. Total contacted another member of Made in the Midlands, The Warwick Manufacturing Group, who recommended Andel Plastics as they have a UK based toolmaking facility. Andel Plastics were able to design and manufacture an injection mould tool of the product, working over the Easter weekend to produce it and mould the first 10,000 components. 

This opportunity has allowed both companies to reshore business back to the UK, as the products would usually be imported from America. However, due to disturbances in the supply chain, the medical sector has seen difficulty getting hold of the goods. 

The product will prominently be used for testing patients for COVID-19, the cupule will hold liquid used within the testing process. Total Precision, who received the original order, has been working with scientists in order to produce the products and ensure they are made from medical grade material - a material without DNA traces. 

As another collaboration, Andel Plastics manufactured Total Precision a face visor frame injection mould tool, in a record eight days. Total Precision is moulding this tool themselves and the face visor frames will be assembled with clear visors for the medical sector. So far they have produced 25,000 with an order for a further 15,000, which will be distributed free by their customer Liniar. 

Andel are doing similar work by producing face mask accessories, so that frontline workers can take the pressures off their ears when wearing masks, they also plan to distribute these free of charge. 

Both companies are also sticking to social distancing rules in the workplace to ensure the safety of their staff and customers. 

Offering advice to manufacturers still operating, Helena Flowers, Managing Director at Andel Plastics said: 

“We have to keep going, we have to keep the economy bumping along. Manufacturing has always been the backbone of the economy, I just hope that seeing what we can do in the UK, people will revisit their supply chains, keeping work here for security and because they have seen we can compete on quality and price. 

The benefits of being part of a membership group like Made in the Midlands is that we are able to reshore business back to the UK by building relationships with like-minded manufacturers with huge capability. It also gives us the chance to share best practices and promote our services.” 

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