ERP software and business improvement solution providers - WinMan have recently helped family owned manufacturing company BB Price go paperless. With the world looking to the manufacturing industry to lower their carbon emissions and be net-zero by 2050, the progression has enabled BB Price to streamline their processes whilst helping save the environment. 

WinMan ERP Software is a highly scalable and leading class business solution for a broad range of manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, pharmaceutical companies - and the perfect choice for companies implementing a lean strategy.

Implementing a lean strategy is exactly what the specialist software providers helped BB Price do. Back in 2019, Winman equipped BB Price with a tech savvy ERP system allowing them to see live updates from production right through to distribution. The system alone allows the manufacturing firm to run the business more efficiently and improves management control. This is due to the fact that everyone in the business now has visibility of accounting, manufacturing, CRM and more - essentially running the business without timely manual processes.

Originally BB Price used the Sage 200 system and a Red Ant system which only supported the manufacturing and MRP sides of the business. BB approached WinMan to help them get away from the mixture of systems in order to drive business growth  and provide more visibility of information - which is exactly what Winman has achieved for them. Neil Price, Director of BB Price, said:

“We decided to go with WinMan’s software solution after being referred by another forging company. After meeting with them, we believed they suited us best. For us as a manufacturing company it is very user friendly. From the way menus are set up to how you load jobs and operations, it is perfect.”

Founded in 1875 BB Price is the UK’s principal manufacturer of galvanized forgings and presswork for the overhead line electricity and telegraphic industries. Since having access to the WinMan ERP system at their facility in Halesowen, Neil believes is has helped the business become more competitive, with more vision of what is happening in the company and accurate information as to where a product is at. He continued:

“Whilst there are similarities between what we could do before and what we do now with the system, a very useful element is the WinMan Go app. The workshop can now enter a job they are working on on the shopfloor through mobile devices or kiosks, record precise throughput times and receive real time data on the jobs we are making.”

Though the system has been implemented in full and the teams at BB trained, they benefit from a support team at WinMan. This means BB Price continue to receive support and maintenance of the WinMan system to keep it up-to-date and ensure it continues to grow with their operations. By calling the support desk they can request bespoke reports and handle anything through the support team. Steve Whitehouse, Marketing Manager at WinMan, said:

“It's great that BB Price is happy with the system and that it is continuing to work well for them. We love helping local businesses, especially as we work with companies all over the world. Being part of Made in the Midlands allows us to keep relationships blooming with the important manufacturing sectors, and we are grateful to be able to support the local economy.” 

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