The Made in Group Events are a fantastic opportunity for a number of reasons and as you are here you should have an idea of why to host an evnt with us. We are proud of British manufacturing and sharing best practice, hence the events at a manufacturing company premises. 

There are few steps to hosting a succesful Made in Group Breakfast Morning networking event. 

1) Become a Gold Member. Only Gold MIM/MIY members can host an event. They are a tremendous value to the hosting company. 

2) The capacity for an event should be at least 20 guests. Do you have a facility to acomodate this number?

3) Set up a date with our events manager at least 3 months in advance. 

4) Prepare, prepare, prepare. We will work every step of the way with you to ensure all the aspect of a successful event are ticked.

5) Every event is unique as it is hosted at a different member premises across the Midlands. The shared values is what is the key to a success for us.

6) Promote, promote, promote. Your event will be promoted on the MIM/MIY Events Page, across our social media channels and many more communication channels. 

This in a nutshell shows you the process of getting started and we are scratching the surface here. We have a great deal of experience with our members and the successful Made in Group event is an effort of all the MIG Team and the hosting company; add that up and you have a fantastic event!

See you there!

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