Would you like to introduce* a company to an event? We have a VIP ticket just for your guest. 

What to do?

1. Access the event that you would like invite your guest to though our events page.

2. Choose a ticket type and enter all the information on the form and 'voila' the ticket will be at your guests's inbox. 

Here are few rules for making an introduction:

1. The Made in Group Events are there to primarily share best practice. When making introduction please make sure that your guest is an an MD, CEO or other decision maker.

2. Is your guest representing a manufacturing company? If yes than go ahead a book the ticket.

3. Is your guest representing a service sector provider? Let our Events Manager know as we only allow certain percentage of service sector representatives at each event.  We are committed to bring high concentration of manufacturers in one place for best quality networking. 

*the above introduction rules do not apply to a hosting company. 

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