Being part of Made in the Midlands you are a part of the community because you acquire two unique elements relationships and shared identity. 

During any of the event you are able to create not only 1:1 relationship but potentially a lot of them ultimately build trust and sence of belonging. With any of the Made in the Midlands event you will build up the knowledge that everyone was carefully selected to be part of this event, which should increase your trust in building quality relationship. 

The events are happening at a regular intervals. You can easily incorporate MiM events into your BD strategy from starting relationship strategy point of view which will eventually turn into successful cooperation (need case studies).

All of the participants at the event are part of the wider community and can connect and continue the conversation in-between events on the MiM online platform (share your news, presence at the event, blogs, advert, message other members) and contact our client success managers and they will be happy to facilitate further cooperation and knowledge post event. 

Turn up at the event as a co-creator of the event not just a consumer. Rather than being on the receiving end be part of the interactive community where you can meet and introduce members and individuals, share values, spot opportunities and voice best practice and participation. 

The power of storytelling. After every event we provide a video that shortlists and cherry pick the highlights from that event.


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