Goodfish Limitied's MD, Greg McDonald, referred in the Politics Show on Sunday 11-Dec, to the 'disconnect' between the gloomy picture painted in the media and the more positive outlook, as Goodfish see things, for 2012. The interviewer, Giles Latcham, asked a number of searching questions about life as a manufacturer in this economic climate, including how banks were supporting SMEs like Goodfish.

Greg McDonald's comments about bank support were not aired, but he referred to the climate today being completely different to the climate 4 years ago, when cash was a commodity, freely available on any street corner. He also spoke of a positive outlook for 2012, which had informed the decision by Goodfish to invest over £250k in a new 800t injection moudling machine. "Our automotive clients are busy', he said, 'and will only get busier in 2012-13, so we invest where client opportunities warrant the investment'.

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