Goodfish has ordered a new 800t press from Negri Bossi. This will complement the current range of 15 Negri Bossi presses covering the 90-550t range.

Goodfish MD, Greg McDonald, commented "we placed enquiries with a number of other injection-moulding press suppliers but, in the end, decided to continue working with Negri Bossi as their machines have proven to be value-for-money workhorses with very high reliability and user-friendly controls. The 800/6700 unit, which will be delivered with a dedicated robot, will expand our range up to the sizes and weights where some of our existing customers are asking us to go. We're also in the process of selling one or two of our smaller tonnage presses (320/210/160t), which we already have in triplicate or duplicate, to make room for the 800 tonne press. With the presses we're selling having had such little use since they were delivered to us here in Cannock two years ago, there's plenty of interest from buyers, luckily".

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