Made in Yorkshire Virtual Breakfast Morning with Cambridge HOK

Made in Yorkshire Virtual Breakfast Morning with Cambridge HOK

This Virtual Breakfast Networking event will be hosted by Made in Yorkshire Gold member Cambridge HOK - one of the UK’s leading producers of retail structures, commercial glasshouses and associated equipment.

Cambridge HOK offers complete turnkey solutions for both structural and M&E projects. Whether it’s complete construction, a part-build or renovation work, CambridgeHOK provides a comprehensive design and build service for; retail structures, specialist glasshouses for research applications, domestic glasshouses and bespoke engineering projects.

During the presentation host will be using case study and talking about their newest project - modern glasshouse. This will also provide an insight into UK food production.

The event schedule:
Welcome from MIY Director
Introduction from each attendee
Presentation by the host
Networking in breakout rooms
Event Closes

Don't forget, all members who sign up at least 1 week before the event will receive a free "Breakfast Goodie Box" posted to their door, which regularly includes the likes of coffee, tea, breakfast bars, technology (e.g. phone chargers) and much more!

We look forward to seeing you at the event!
MIY Team

Date and Time

Wednesday, 12 May at 09:00am


90 minutes

Event Type



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