Made in the Midlands Virtual Breakfast Morning with QFS Technologies

Made in the Midlands Virtual Breakfast Morning with QFS Technologies

This Virtual Breakfast Morning will be kindly hosted by Gold Made in the Midlands member QFS Technologies. QFS Technologies is a world class supplier of engineering services to leading OEM and tier 1 suppliers in the automotive industry. QFS provides a range of complex engineering services for the automotive industry with extensive experience of metal panel prototyping and low to medium volume production requiring a quick turnaround and is therefore the first-choice supplier for prototype and low to medium volume part production. QFS Technologies sells: metal finishing, CNC machinning, prototype, laser facilities, CAD Design and GOM/ROMA inspection scanning. It will be 90min morning session for Made in the Midlands members and we will meet virtually via Zoom. Virtual Breakfast Morning schedule: - MIM Director welcome - Introduction/presentation from QFS Technologies - 60 sec introduction from attendees - using breakout rooms via Zoom guests will be split into small groups for 10-15 min network - final thoughts By signing up 1 week before the event we can ensure that you receive your breakfast goodie box filled with treats to start the morning right! We look forward to seeing you at the event. MIM Team

Date and Time

Thursday, 12 November at 09:00am


90 minutes

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