Meet Britain’s makers & virtual speed networking - West Yorkshire

Meet Britain’s makers & virtual speed networking - West Yorkshire

Panel discussion:
This session will feature between 4-6 members from the West Yorkshire region who will discuss employability skills, what skills the industry is looking for and how to break into or develop your career in manufacturing.

Each event comprises a panel of experts who will share their own career stories, tips and information on their sector followed by an opportunity to ask questions.

The panel discussion will be led by The Made in Group’s Yasmin Banner. She will ask the panellists a range of questions about what it's like to work in the industry, what qualities you look for in candidates and a vision for how you believe manufacturing makes for a good career.

Virtual speed networking:
Breakout rooms where employers and job seekers meet. Employer gets 2 minutes to talk about their business and direct to stand ect. Job seeker gets 60 seconds to tell the room about themself and what makes them a good employee.

Speakers at this event are:
Bill Buhler sales & Marketing Business Manager at Rheintacho
Pam Jackson ERP Manager at Siddall & Hilton
Glen Rika-Rayne General Manager at Bar products & Services

Date and Time

Tuesday, 23 March at 02:30pm


60 minutes

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