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Assemtron Reaps Rewards of Microsite as Main Domain


All paying Made members are set up with a microsite. A microsite is a mini website connected to a domain, in which there can be multiple. Assemtron’s microsite, which is connected to the Made in the Midlands website - first on google for Midlands manufacturing, is proving to be successful after the company made the site their main online domain. 

Assemtron is an innovation led business that combines engineering and design services with its   in-house manufacture and assembly of electronics and electro-mechanical products, based in Stratford- upon- avon. Combining the art of software development and Internet of Things (IoT), the company helps rejuvenate existing products and deliver new products. 

In 2020, Assemtron launched a brand new website built by a local developer, whilst the website was well developed and designed, the seo for the platform was not performing as the company wished. 

The Made in the Midlands domain has been established for more than 10 years. With many established manufacturing names attached to microsites that link back to the main domain, the website has become the first html on google when searching ‘Midlands manufacturing’. 

Since moving their domain to the Made in the Midlands website,  in early 2022, the company has received more quality leads that have led to working with new businesses. Nigel Maris, Director at Assemtron, found the process of switching domains easy  to achieve and has found the exposure MIM has to offer invaluable. He said:

“MIM has a high following and massive database, in less than a year we have found this very beneficial to connect with potential customers and find new suppliers. This goes hand in hand with the online exposure being part of  the platform and community of businesses it has to offer, from the events to uploading news to the website.” 

Visit Assemtron’s Microsite:

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