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Jason Pitt
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Joe Myko
Digital Experience Executive
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Charles Addison
Deputy CEO
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Aneta Giedzińska
Events Coordinator
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Ilona Pitt
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Yasmin Banner
Head of Membership Communications

What will happen once we leave the Single Market? Will we see a new Customs Union; will we have punitive tariffs; will we be truly free to source international trade agreements; and just where will the future opportunities lie? Board members oversee our peer to peer international directory which helps connect members with importing and exporting success to share their knowledge.

This group will adopt a dual focus by tackling the issue on two fronts.One will address Apprenticeships, while the other will look at the skills fissure in the Boardroom. Members will use their own experiences to demonstrate how you change a company’s mindset to strengthen the organisation both from the top down, to the bottom up.

Industry 4.0 is classed as the fourth industrial revolution in industry and manufacturing, whereby computers and automation will come together to create a ‘smart factory’.

Board members help shape MIM’s 4.0 strategy by identifying exhibitions and speaker opportunities which will benefit the entire membership. In addition, there will be opportunities to demonstrate thought leadership by writing articles in our magazine, social media platforms and specific Industry 4.0 blogs.

Members of this group will play a crucial role in helping to steer the future direction of Made in the Midlands (MIM). Whilst helping companies to be inclusive, the knowledge and skills of the members concerned will help realise the aims of the MIM Inclusivity Campaign.

As a member of the group your knowledge will be vital in helping companies boost their productivity and tackle key challenges such as skills shortages by making staff members feel more involved and valued in the everyday operation of the business.

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The purpose of Made Angels is to create a supportive community of businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors looking to support, save, invest and rescue British businesses. With the help of the group and members involved, Made Angels will strive to find ethical investors, offer guidance and a wealth of knowledge to save British-owned manufacturing companies.

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