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Conduct yourself locally, think globally: How MCS partnership with Gibbs emphasises the importance of localisation

MCS & Gibbs

Redditch-based precision engineering specialists Machined Component Systems (MCS) are huge advocates for supporting businesses locally. In fact, Managing Director Warren Gray said: “My first port of call is to support locally, you never know when you will need a helping hand that isn't too far away.” This is no different when it comes to recycling their materials too. MCS has worked with fellow MIM member Gibbs Metal Recycling for the past 8 years and hasn't looked back since. 

As many manufacturing business leaders will know, it can be difficult to find trustworthy suppliers who meet all of their client's demands. In addition, It can take years to establish this trustworthy and candid relationship. When local businesses work together, recommendations of working with other like-minded businesses in the same region are significantly more reliable. 

This was certainly the case for two like businesses - MCS and Gibbs Metal Recycling. As a leading precision engineer, MCS recycles tons of scrap metal every week. Thanks to Gibbs, this process is easy-going and very well organised. As a complex manufacturing firm with vast capabilities, MCS wanted to ensure they were recycling their metal chippings and other materials ethically and environmentally. Gibbs provided them with this confidence and even produced stillages bespoke to their needs. Warren said:

“Previously we were using two scrap metal firms to recycle our brass and mild steel, however, we wanted to be kinder to the environment by just having one. Gibbs facilitated all of our needs and proved they were committed to us by always arriving on time, another great factor is that they are based 30 minutes away from our facility.” 

Gibbs was recommended to MCS by one of their customer’s Finance Directors, who had their own direct experience praising them for being great at what they do. Warren says that “It is the people who make the company, and people doing what they say they are going to do is most important.” 

Having reliable, trustworthy suppliers close by is paramount to the success of any business. This has most certainly worked in MCS’ favour, with a major example being that Gibbs responded quickly to the firm scrapping an old machine previously - recycling 3 tons of metal from one machine. 

Both MCS and Gibbs agree that being part of Made in Midlands (MIM) has enhanced their relationships with local businesses, with vast opportunities to network and connect with like-minded companies. Warren concluded:

“I admire what the MIM team do - championing Midlands manufacturing, as it can be argued that local enterprises aren't doing enough. MIM is the umbrella for all Midlands manufacturers and businesses alike to feed into and it's great to be part of.” 

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