In search of collaboration, and ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality rubber components, Harboro Rubber has selected Subcon Laser Cutting, a fellow Made in the Midlands member for the continued supply of components on two projects.

Harboro Rubber, a UK manufacturer of rubber components, including rubber to metal parts, across many varied industries. The company, which is a 125-year-old company that recently encountered an issue with their existing supply route which put the product in an untenable position, placing at risk a valuable ongoing product that Harboro has been developing over several years. 

For the end customer of the product, who is an eponymous UK company supplying class-leading products worldwide, the product is a further extension to their market. Without a suitable solution, a sizeable investment in the development and process could have been threatened.

That suitable solution came when they searched for companies that were capable of supplying the necessary item, a task that was carried out by the Harboro purchasing and engineering teams. 

Through their search, the team, led by Mike Lyons, the Purchasing Manager at Harboro, identified fellow Made in the Midlands members, Subcon Laser Cutting who had the capability to supply the product which enabled further collaboration ensuring ongoing commercial viability. 

Speaking about the collaboration, Mike described how the lead-time to production was absolutely paramount in the choice of provider, and that the partnership between the two members was vital in ensuring the delivery of the perfect component. 

He said, “The support that Harboro received along with the technical input and fast turnaround ensured that production of the parts could continue without affecting delivery performance.   

“The design assistance and materials knowledge meant that we had no issue in obtaining approval from our end customer to a change of supplier. This level of support is invaluable during a new project, let alone a running change where mistakes or differences in part geometry and delivery would be very costly.  

The parts supplied may look simple but the accuracy required to ensure we have a perfect component, are critical during our over moulding processes.” 

For Harboro Rubber, Subcon Laser Cutting, a leading UK based subcontract manufacturing service provider were able to provide a solution within the timescales and budget. 

This included supply with each batch of components of dimensional data critical to the component success. The accuracy required to over mould the components is paramount within the Harboro process.

You can find out more about Harboro and the services they offer over on their Microsite. Likewise, to learn more about Subcon Laser Cutting, head over to their Microsite

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