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LK Metrology and Sempre 'Back Britain' in New Partnership

LK Metrology & Sempre Group

Made in the Midlands members, Industrial metrology specialist, The Sempre Group and, coordinate measuring machine (CMM) pioneer, LK Metrology are working in partnership to enable companies to bring productivity-enhancing digital quality solutions to British and Irish markets. The UK based collaboration highlights the two firms' dedication for ‘Backing Britain’ as Sempre group will now distribute LK Metrology’s full product range throughout the UK as well as launching the brand in Ireland. 

Made in the Midlands was created to challenge the erosion of British industry and bring manufacturers together to network, build relationships and collaborate. The latest partnership between LK Metrology and The Sempre Group is testament to the ambition of the Made in Group, who celebrate partnerships between their members, and to UK manufacturing as a whole. Jim Mangan, CCO at The Sempre Group, said:

“I think at Sempre we are keen to support Made in the Midlands Members with the best solutions, to ensure quality and improve productivity. LK produces an excellent product, highly capable and it’s an excellent addition to our stable of metrology solutions. The added bonus being the fact that it is manufactured in the UK.”

He continued: “UK Manufacturing can support a fellow UK business knowing it is getting an excellent solution.”

The similarities between the two businesses and their ethos are uncanny. The Sempre Group was established to help British and Irish manufacturers improve productivity, reduce human error and demonstrate compliance in quality control. From its Gloucestershire facility, it offers a comprehensive suite of technology from a range of partners to enable it to suggest the best combination of systems and software for each individual measurement application. It also provides tailored solutions to help customers achieve specific outcomes.

Derbyshire based LK Metrology has a long and pioneering history that includes many industry firsts. It supplies a complete range of premium bridge, gantry and horizontal arm CMMs for highly accurate and repeatable measurement, alongside multi-sensor CMM software to help automate inspection processes.

In an article recently published by the Sempre group, Steve Shickell Sales and Marketing Director at LK Metrology said:

“Sempre is a like-minded business, based on providing the right solution for each customer and we saw great synergy between our two companies. We share the same goal to introduce the market to Quality 4.0 solutions that provide actionable information to enable manufacturers to improve their processes and performance. For example, providing true  traceability through tiered supply chains to provide visibility, control and efficiency.”

Steve concluded: “Made in the Midlands provides a great platform to form partnerships like these, and in the current climate, it is now more important than ever to maximise exposure and collaborate with other UK manufacturers.”

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