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Long Established Partnership Leads the Charge in Additive Material Technology

HCM & CastAlum
MIM members CastAlum and HCM Engineering have worked together for over 20 years, and have recently collaborated for CastAlum's additive metal printing facility. 

HCM has been designing and manufacturing large complex tooling and foundry equipment used by CastAlum. The powerful partnership has established CastAlum 'leading the charge' in utilising additive material technology and producing parts other countries can't make. 

HCM Engineering is proud to have worked alongside the team as CastAlum since their beginnings in Welshpool over 20 years ago. They say it is refreshing to see investment in the latest plant at CastAlum and equipment for additive manufacturing. This enables the supply base to up their game and trail blaze behind CastAlum as an industry leader and provides cutting edge foundry equipment. 

CastAlum's components are cast and machined, the firm works with the likes of major car brands such as VAG, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Fiat, Porsche, Mercedes and Jaguar Land Rover. Paul Dodd, Engineering Director at Cast Alum, said: 

"CastAlum is a naturally proactive and aggressive business and one that has built its reputation upon being best in class and producing particularly challenging products."

Simon Hanson, Managing Director at HCM Engineering, said:

"We are proud to have supported CastAlum in their new in-house additive metal printing facility." 

"Having watched additive, since I first saw it in a research centre in Melbourne Australia over 20 years ago, I have seen all sorts of processes and applications at plants and facilities around the world. The most challenging being high pressure die casting, as you can see the AM engineers' eyebrows raise when you explain the forces and heat involved in premium die casting applications."

"Finally, I feel, we are all gaining traction and solving the complex issues in hand to make this practical and affordable."

Read more about how CastAlum is leading the charge in additive manufacturing by clicking the link below and heading to page 42:

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