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Mantech Geometrics collaborates with Made in members


Made in the Midlands members Mantech Geometrics recently collaborated with members Parker Precision and Currie and Warner, in a recent display of MiM members connecting the industry.

Warwickshire based company Mantech Geometrics provides measuring solutions for manufacturers. This includes coordinate measuring machines (CMM’s) at a competitive price by the brand Aberlink. Mantech is known for their helpful service and expert knowledge on CMM’s, self-tracking laser interferometer services for error mapping of machine tools and cmm’s, multi-sensor and X-Ray/CT measurement systems. The company has seen great successes since being established, including recent collaborations with Made in members Parker Precision and Currie and Warner.

Parker Precision manufacture precision components for aerospace, oil defence and more. The company’s aim is to provide state of the art technology with in-house expertise to offer a proactive and versatile approach to achieving the customer's needs. 

Over the past two years Parker Precision has frequently purchased numerous machines through Mantech Geometrics, and as a result of this has built a lasting partnership with each other. Marc Corns Director at Parker Precision said the partnership was a result of the company completing a turn back analysis: 

“We looked at how we could do things more efficiently, we noticed we had a lot of waiting time for our inspection CMM for people to get the jobs passed through. Therefore we looked at doing more in-process inspections, as a result of this we decided to go with an Aberlink CMM system as we knew our competitors were using these machines.” 

Wolverhampton based company Parker Precision visited Aberlink with Mantech’s Company Director Ian Vaughan after meeting at an exhibition, after liking what they saw, they purchased the Xtreme 350 CNC shop floor CMM followed by the larger Xtreme 500 CNC and also the Axiom too CNC 1200 - the complete inspection system. Mantech's Aberlink machines allowed the company to standardize the companies programmes across the business: 

“It was a seamless process, Aberlink directed us to Mantech and after seeing the machines we realised it was a very user-friendly and robust CMM to stand up to the vigours of being on a shop floor.” 

Birmingham based company Currie and Warner also purchased Aberlink equipment through Mantech Geometrics’, after meeting at a Made in the Midlands best practice event. Currie and Warner are manufacturers of high volume precision brass components. 

David Bonnick, Quality Assurance Manager for Currie Warner mentioned the company was looking for a CMM machine for a while, and after seeing the machines at Aberlink they received a quote for the Xtreme CMM 350 within the same week. They also plan to purchase another machine from Mantech within the next year due to growth in the business: 

“As we are growing the business, we had a lot of projects going on and therefore wanted to expand our capabilities and required the equipment to achieve this. We received the machine within six weeks, another great thing is the installation was seamless.” 

“We decided to go with Aberlink because of the popularity and ease of use, along with the integration into everything we have already. Mantech is local to us and they manufacture in the UK, just some of the reasons why we decided to go with them”. 

David has worked in the manufacturing sector for forty years and thinks the community is declining, one of the reasons why he thinks being part of Made in Group is an important thing:

“It is good to network and has a community within the sector, the Made in best practice events is an example of the great things the membership can do to share business plans and connect. I think this is the way forward, as it is about there being strength in numbers, if you have numerous contacts within the sector there is always someone with the answer.” 

Both Parker Precision and Currie and Warner said they received excellent service from Mantech Geometrics, and continue their relationship with the company. 


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