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MiM members CNC Mills and Premier Patterns and Castings collaborate

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Pattern Makers, Premier Patterns and Castings recently made a purchase from CNC Mills, to increase their capabilities and efficiency. The collaboration is a prime example of how MiM memberships help brings manufacturers together. 

Manufacturing for over 20 years, Premier Patterns and Castings offer a range of services from press tool patterns and design, CAD Cam, Foundry Patterns, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Castings and CNC machining. Since the company has been established, they have produced work for major car brands such as Ford, Honda, Nissan, Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Aston Martin. As well as supplying to other industries such as aerospace and marine. 

Andrew Timmins, Director at Premier Patterns and Castings, made the decision to invest in a new CNC machining centre, a DNM 5000 700 Doosan, to increase the company’s productivity. In previous years, the company was able to create patterns and supply castings however wanted to be able to machine their products as well as produce other CNC parts. 

Though the company already had CNC capability, the new machine is faster and more advanced and allows the Smethwick based company to create different products. Andrew said:

“This new machine will enable us to make more accurate parts to complement our existing machines. Now, we will be able to machine ferrous and nonferrous metals as well as plastics.” 

The new CNC machine has been in action at Premier Patterns and Castings for over two months, Andrew said everything from purchasing the product to installing it has run smoothly and the service from CNC Mills has been extremely helpful. Andrew added:

“ Peter Smith, an Area Sales Manager at CNC Mills, took a look around our unit to see what machine would suit us best and what was within our budget.” 

Along with a face to face service, Premier Patterns and Castings were also supplied with onsite training for two days and are due to go on a training course recommended by CNC Mills.

Andrew has plans to work with CNC Mills in future and hopes to create more connections with other Made in the Midlands members by attending events and engaging with the membership, he said:

“Hopefully we will be purchasing more from them as we have been impressed with the machine and I hope to create new products with it.”

“I think being part of Made in the Midlands is great as we can network and gain new business, as well as help each other with best practices. Some of our customers have been sending work to Spain and Italy, we hope being part of MiM will establish more custom in the Midlands and not our European friends to make Britain Great again .” 

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