Backing Britain Virtual Breakfast Morning Assemtron, Boneham & Turner & Teconnex

Backing Britain Virtual Breakfast Morning Assemtron, Boneham & Turner & Teconnex

The Backing Britain Virtual Breakfast Mornings have been upgraded! 

Join fellow business leaders and professionals every other Wednesday at 9 am with the Made in Group.  
The Made in Group offers businesses a platform to connect and share best practice in the manufacturing community, we do this by facilitating roundtable discussions and networking opportunities at accessible virtual events. 
Members also have the chance to learn best practice from 3 hosting speakers, this is followed by a 30-minute round table discussion on relevant topics. 

Nigel Maris Managing Director at Assemtron discussing Industry 4.0.

Nigel will be discussing best practice around how to use the Internet of Things (IoT) and industry 4 to create new value streams. Traditional businesses tend to use Industry 4 to monitor disruption in productivity when they occur. Using the latest technology to monitor issues before they occur could help businesses save thousands.

Charles Boneham Managing Director at Boneham & Turner discussing International Trade 

John Gordon Business Development Manager at Teconnex discussing People and Skills 

Date and Time

Wednesday, 25 January at 09:00am


75 minutes

Event Type

Virtual Breakfast Mornings


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