Factory Tours

Factory Tour Event: Evergreen Garden Products | South Yorkshire

Factory Tour Event: Evergreen Garden Products | South Yorkshire

Thursday, 7 March at 10:00am


Factory Tours

Location: Stainforth Moor Rd, Hatfield, Doncaster DN8 5TE

10.00 am: Guests arrive
10.00 - 10.45: refreshments, breakfast and networking
10.45 - 11.00: Introduction to the Factory Tour and Overview of the Day
11.00: Guided Factory Tour - Witness Manufacturing Innovations in Action
12:00: Finish

Event Highlights

Exclusive Factory Tour: The Secret to Growing a Trusted Brand

Miracle-Gro transformed the market upon its UK launch in 1990, inspiring more than a million gardeners to try the product in its first year and swiftly rising to become the premier brand within the gardening industry.

Miracle-Gro and numerous other trusted brands are manufactured by Evergreen Garden Care, a global powerhouse in gardening solutions.

We are excited to extend an exclusive invitation to you to uncover the secrets behind establishing and sustaining a trusted brand.

Join us to:

· Gain fresh insights and strategies to drive innovation within your own operations

· Network with like-minded business leaders passionate about elevating their enterprises

· Learn how to uncover hidden efficiencies and maximise productivity

Don't miss this opportunity to gather insights that could propel your business to the top of its market.

Who Should Attend

Business owners, industry professionals, and anyone interested in discovering cutting-edge manufacturing practices and networking opportunities.

Why Attend

The Factory Tour offers an exclusive opportunity to delve into the operations of leading manufacturing facilities in the Midlands and Yorkshire.

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