Made Angels Investor Network in Wolverhampton

Made Angels Investor Network in Wolverhampton

"Made Angels" is a cluster for members to meet up with like-minded business leaders who are looking to invest and support businesses, predominantly within British industry. 

Members who are looking for businesses to acquire or co-invest can now meet up every month with other investors, to network and connect with fellow members who are looking at succession plans.

At this event, we will speakers from the following companies who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise with the network:

- Dorian Smellie, CEO from Total Control Pro

- Philip Jepson, Managing Director from Allied Global Engineering

- Guy Mills, Managing Director from Gallagher

Made in Group are looking for four types of leaders to participate in Made Angels:

- Investors

- Companies who are exploring selling their business

- Members who need investment

- Professional advisors from our patrons.

If you would like to be part of Made Angels - but have not yet filled out the pre-registration form - please email [email protected].

Date and Time

Friday, 3 September at 12:30pm

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