Made Masterclass 24 hours of a cyber attack with OGL

Made Masterclass 24 hours of a cyber attack with OGL

Combining learning networking in a 45-minute online session every month, join the Made in Group team and key figures within the Made in Group community to learn about contemporary industry challenges and discuss solutions with fellow members.

Usually hosted by our patrons, these events give you the opportunity to learn from an array of experts from Accountancy and Law firms, to R&D specialists and more - made specifically for manufacturers.

Lee has 20 years of experience in the IT, software, and cybersecurity industry, joining OGL Computer Services Group in 2001. Lee specializes in listening to, and understanding the ambitions and visions of, business owners, managing directors, CEOs, IT Directors / Managers and translating them into comprehensive, best-in-class IT and cyber recommendations

In a 24 hour cyber-attack, you will learn:  

  • What to do
  • Who to call
  • Should a ransom be paid
  • What happens after an attack
  • What can be done to prevent

For more information on CyberGuard, the sister company to OGL Computer:

Date and Time

Tuesday, 8 February at 11:15am


45 minutes

Event Type

Made Masterclass


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