Monthly Industry Meetup

Monthly Industry Meet-Up with Clevedon Fasteners, Pentangle Engineering Services and ITI Group

Monthly Industry Meet-Up with Clevedon Fasteners, Pentangle Engineering Services and ITI Group

Wednesday, 28 February at 09:00am


Monthly Industry Meetup

Join our Monthly Industry Meetup!

Join us for a captivating virtual event where industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals gather to share knowledge, insights, and best practices. Our mission is to foster collaboration, inspire innovation, and drive growth within the manufacturing community.

Each month, we feature 3 engaging talks from Made Members, focusing on best practice around key themes that shape the future of manufacturing. Our Meetup series covers a wide range of headline topics, including:  Future Factories, Sustainable Manufacturing, Growth Strategies, and People & Skills.

Our virtual events attract a diverse audience of Made Members, including esteemed senior manufacturing leaders, executives, and professionals. We believe in the power of shared experiences and strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute, learn, and connect.

In addition to the thought-provoking talks, our Meetup series offers interactive virtual roundtable sessions. Engage in lively discussions, exchange ideas, and gain further insights on the chosen subtopic. Collaborate with peers who share a passion for shaping the future of manufacturing.

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February's lineup of speakers and Roundtable Session subtopics includes:


  • Oliver Stone, Director of Global Consulting at ITI GroupJoin us for Oliver's insightful talk on  "Building Your Digital Manufacturing Strategy." In today's dynamic business landscape, digital manufacturing is key for sustainable growth, and Oliver will guide you through its definition, key components, and technologies. Beyond technology, understand how digital manufacturing integrates processes, people, and data, providing a comprehensive view. Explore tangible business benefits through real success stories and grasp the importance of aligning digital initiatives with overall business goals. Oliver advocates for collaboration, stressing the need for a cross-functional team involving production, IT, operations, and management. Learn the art of selecting technologies aligned with strategic goals and crafting a roadmap with clear milestones and timelines. This engaging talk delivers actionable insights to shape a robust digital manufacturing strategy tailored to your unique business needs. Future Factories: Building Your Digital Manufacturing Strategy Virtual Roundtable Session.


  • Nigel Rivers, MD at Pentangle Engineering Services: Join us for Nigel’s talk as he delves into the company's successful transition to a condensed work schedule, operating from Monday to Thursday. Beyond the boardroom discussions, Nigel sheds light on the impact this change had on the dynamics within the business and the personal lives of employees. Gain insights into how longer shifts over four days affected aspects like family life and personal commitments. Nigel candidly addresses potential challenges and elucidates on the strategies employed to mitigate these consequences. This session offers a holistic perspective on the four-day workweek, exploring both its business advantages and the nuanced implications for the workforce outside traditional working hours. Join us for an engaging dialogue that goes beyond the factory walls, offering practical insights and considerations for businesses contemplating similar shifts in their work structures or currently working on a similar schedule. People & Skills: Fewer Days, Same Output. The Business Benefits of a Four-Day Work Week Virtual Roundtable Session.


  • Steve Hardeman, Managing Director of Clevedon Fasteners : In this session, Steve will guide you through a remarkable chapter in the company's history, shedding light on Clevedon's export growth journey. As a renowned manufacturer of a wide range of cold-forged specialised components and fastener products, Clevedon Fasteners embarked on an exhilarating global expedition in the early 2000s. Discover Clevedon Fasteners' insights into launching in international markets, effective country and regional targeting strategies, and lessons learned. Explore how Clevedon Fasteners successfully navigated common pitfalls that often hinder building enduring relationships with international partners and customers. Steve will also share strategies for gaining the trust and support of key global stakeholders, along with insights into recovering from initial export setbacks. Join us for this captivating conversation, which promises to inspire your own business's global aspirations and equip you with practical guidance to navigate the intricate world of international markets. Growth Strategies: Export Success Virtual Roundtable Session


  • Explore the intricate realm of sustainable manufacturing in our upcoming SCOPE 3 emissions discussion. Scope 3 emissions refer to indirect emissions that occur throughout a company's value chain, encompassing activities beyond its direct operations and supply chain. While not currently mandatory, understanding and addressing Scope 3 emissions is becoming increasingly crucial for SME manufacturers. It includes emissions from sources such as purchased goods and services, transportation and distribution, employee commuting, and end-of-life treatment of sold products. By accounting for Scope 3 emissions, SME manufacturers can gain a comprehensive view of their carbon footprint and identify opportunities for reduction. This not only aligns with growing sustainability expectations but also allows businesses to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and foster a positive environmental impact, ultimately contributing to long-term resilience and competitiveness in an evolving market. Join the SCOPE 3 Sustainable Manufacturing Roundtable to explore the significance of Scope 3 emissions for SME manufacturers , gain insights into why Scope 3 emissions are becoming a focal point, how larger companies are influencing the landscape, and what steps SMEs can take to proactively align with these emerging sustainability expectations. Stay ahead of the curve and position your manufacturing practices for a sustainable future.  Sustainable Manufacturing: SCOPE 3 Emissions Roundtable Session.


Join us for this powerful and inspiring 75-minute event that will ignite your passion and creativity!

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