Monthly Industry Meetup

Monthly Industry Meet-Up with Motaclan, Total Control Pro and Airmaster Air Conditioning

Monthly Industry Meet-Up with Motaclan, Total Control Pro and Airmaster Air Conditioning

Wednesday, 20 March at 09:00am


66 minutes


Monthly Industry Meetup

Join our Monthly Industry Meetup!

Join us for a captivating virtual event where industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals gather to share knowledge, insights, and best practices. Our mission is to foster collaboration, inspire innovation, and drive growth within the manufacturing community.

Each month, we feature 3 engaging talks from Made Members, focusing on best practice around key themes that shape the future of manufacturing. Our Meetup series covers a wide range of headline topics, including:  Future Factories, Sustainable Manufacturing, Growth Strategies, and People & Skills.

Our virtual events attract a diverse audience of Made Members, including esteemed senior manufacturing leaders, executives, and professionals. We believe in the power of shared experiences and strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute, learn, and connect.

In addition to the thought-provoking talks, our Meetup series offers interactive virtual roundtable sessions. Engage in lively discussions, exchange ideas, and gain further insights on the chosen subtopic. Collaborate with peers who share a passion for shaping the future of manufacturing.

March's lineup of speakers and Roundtable Session subtopics includes:

  • Tim Lyons, Managing Director at Motaclan: Join us for Tim’s talk to uncover Motaclan’s impressive business, excelling in supplying parts for classic car restoration. Tim's presentation will begin with a brief commentary on the historical and cultural importance of classic cars, emphasising their impact on automotive design and popular culture. He will then introduce his company, Motoclan, highlighting its core values of preserving heritage and promoting sustainability.
    Tim will share valuable insights into the company's growth strategies, focusing on inventory management for over 50,000 active part lines for various vehicles. Additionally, he will discuss the unique challenges encountered in sourcing and manufacturing rare parts for classic cars. A crucial part of Tim's talk will be dedicated to discussing potential partnerships. He will elaborate on how his company actively seeks collaboration with other Made Members, particularly those involved in typical manufacturing processes such as metalwork, plastics, and injection molding.
    This engaging presentation will offer insightful takeaways for businesses exploring similar partnership opportunities in their respective industries and marketplaces. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn and engage in the discussion on growth strategies through strategic partnerships. Growth Strategies: Growth Through Strategic Partnerships Virtual Roundtable Session 


  • Dolores Sanders, Strategic Director at Total Control Pro : Join us for talk by Dolores, aimed at helping manufacturers navigate the exciting realm of Industrial Digital Technologies (IDTs) and unlock the potential of smarter factories. IDT's have been proven to significantly boost productivity and profitability, making accelerated adoption imperative for manufacturers seeking sustainable growth.
    Dolores will highlight the tangible benefits IDTs offer to manufacturers and feature the collaborative efforts of various industry stakeholders, including Total Control Pro. She will delve into a practical framework designed to facilitate the adoption of IDTs, focusing on the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub (SMDH) Lighthouse project, which is a cornerstone initiative aimed at providing valuable benchmarking and performance feedback to SME manufacturers through the sharing of data and provides other valuable resources.
    Additionally, Dolores will provide an introduction to key concepts within the realm of IDTs, offering valuable insights into creating digital factory roadmaps and best practices for overcoming common pitfalls. This talk promises to deliver practical tips for building smarter factories, ensuring you stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape.
    Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical guidance on navigating the world of IDT of manufacturing -  take your first or next step towards unlocking the full potential of Industrial Digital Technologies! Future Factories: Practical Tips to Help Manufacturers Build Smarter Factories Virtual Roundtable Session


  • Lisa Pogson, Managing Director at Airmaster Air Conditioning: Join us for an inspiring talk by Lisa  as she shares insights into Airmaster's commitment to championing diversity and equity in the workplace.
    Lisa will delve into the transformative journey of Airmaster, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity in today's business landscape. She will discuss the company's transition to employee ownership and how it aligns with their values of diversity and equality. Lisa's pragmatic approach to diversity will shed light on the challenges and opportunities inherent in creating a culture of inclusivity, particularly in male-dominated industries like construction, manufacturing, and engineering.
    Drawing from her personal experience and advocacy for diversity, Lisa will highlight the business and human aspects of promoting inclusivity. She will underscore the importance of creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique talents. 
    Don't miss this enlightening talk that explores the intersection of business success and social responsibility. Join Lisa as she shares practical insights and actionable strategies for building a diverse, inclusive, and thriving workplace. Unlock the power of diversity and equity with Airmaster's journey as your guide.  People & Skills : Championing diversity and equity in the workplace Virtual Roundtable Session


  • Join us for an insightful discussion on Green Supply Chain Management. In this session, we will delve into strategies aimed at promoting sustainability across the entire supply chain, encompassing crucial aspects such as supplier selection, transportation logistics, and inventory management.  As industries increasingly prioritise sustainability, the imperative to implement green practices within the supply chain has become paramount. This session will explore practical approaches for integrating sustainability into supplier selection processes, ensuring that environmental considerations are central to procurement decisions. Furthermore, we will delve into innovative strategies for optimising transportation logistics to minimise carbon emissions and reduce environmental impact. Inventory management also plays a pivotal role in achieving sustainability objectives within the manufacturing and engineering sectors. Our discussion will highlight best practices for managing inventory in a manner that minimises waste, reduces energy consumption, and promotes circularity. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the realm of sustainability in supply chain management, this session promises to offer valuable insights and actionable strategies for promoting environmental stewardship throughout your manufacturing and engineering operations. Join us as we navigate the path towards a greener, more sustainable future for the manufacturing and engineering industries. Sustainable Manufacturing : Green Supply Chain Management Virtual Roundtable Discussion


Join us for this powerful and inspiring 75-minute event that will ignite your passion and creativity!

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