Monthly Industry Meetup

Monthly Industry Meet-Up with Ecam Engineering, Leggett & Platt and HydraForce

Monthly Industry Meet-Up with Ecam Engineering, Leggett & Platt and HydraForce

Wednesday, 26 June at 09:00am


75 minutes


Monthly Industry Meetup

Join our Monthly Industry Meetup!

Join us for a captivating virtual event where industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals gather to share knowledge, insights, and best practices. Our mission is to foster collaboration, inspire innovation, and drive growth within the manufacturing community.

Each month, we feature 3 engaging talks from Made Members, focusing on best practice around key themes that shape the future of manufacturing. Our Meetup series covers a wide range of headline topics, including:  Future Factories, Sustainable Manufacturing, Growth Strategies, and People & Skills.

Our virtual events attract a diverse audience of Made Members, including esteemed senior manufacturing leaders, executives, and professionals. We believe in the power of shared experiences and strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute, learn, and connect.

In addition to the thought-provoking talks, our Meetup series offers interactive virtual roundtable sessions. Engage in lively discussions, exchange ideas, and gain further insights on the chosen subtopic. Collaborate with peers who share a passion for shaping the future of manufacturing.

June's lineup of speakers and Roundtable Session subtopics includes:


  • Philip Arme, Managing Director at ECAM Engineering: Join us for an insightful talk by Phil as he explores strategies for navigating uncertainty and fostering growth in the challenging landscape of UK manufacturing. In today's dynamic environment, manufacturers face numerous obstacles, including inflation, soaring energy costs, supply chain disruptions, skilled labour shortages, and the imperative to embrace technology while maintaining quality standards. However, these challenges also present opportunities for forward-thinking companies to innovate and thrive.
    Drawing from ECAM Engineering's growth strategy, Phil will share valuable insights into how strategic investments in continuous improvement initiatives, workforce empowerment, collaborative culture, automation, and digital tools have propelled the company forward. He will highlight the positive impact of allocating 25% of turnover towards automation and environmental sustainability, including enhanced productivity, resource efficiency, cost-savings, and a reputation for environmental responsibility.
    Moreover, Phil will offer practical advice gleaned from ECAM Engineering's experiences, providing recommendations for fostering collaboration, leveraging technology, investing in workforce development, and embracing sustainability practices. Don't miss this opportunity to gain actionable strategies and insights for navigating uncertainty and driving growth in the manufacturing sector. Growth Strategies: Navigating Uncertainty Virtual Roundtable Session


  • Jon Bradley, Managing Director at HydraForce: Join us for an insightful presentation on building a talent pipeline to mitigate risk. With rising global competition, technological advancements and operational complexity, upskilling staff has become an essential strategy for futureproofing your business. Hydraforce, a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance electrohydraulic controls and components, understands the crucial role of upskilling in staying ahead. The Birmingham-based company is deeply committed to staff development and has a long-standing and established apprenticeship scheme. Recently, Hydraforce enrolled 19 shop floor operators onto its apprenticeship scheme in order to transfer them into engineering quality and maintenance roles. Jon Bradley, a former mechanical engineering apprentice, will share Hydraforce’s approach to identifying organisational skills gaps and best practices for leveraging upskilling to fill them effectively. Having worked in America and China, Jon firmly believes that the UK’s approach to apprenticeships is “second to none.” His practical session will equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate today’s challenging labour market. People and Skills: Building a Talent Pipeline to Mitigate Risk Virtual Roundtable Session


  • Mike Holmes, Managing Director at L&P Springs UK: Join us for an insightful talk by Mike as we explore the transformative power of automation for SMEs. The imperative for automation in the UK manufacturing landscape is clear: despite its status as a global economic powerhouse, the UK lags behind in robot density rankings, presenting a critical need for increased adoption. Mike will shed light on the challenges hindering automation uptake among SMEs, including prevalent misconceptions surrounding cost, applicability, and flexibility.
    Drawing from L&P Springs UK's automation journey, Mike will offer a compelling example of how embracing automation can drive tangible benefits. From streamlining spring assembly processes to future projects like automated palletizing at L&P Springs UK’s factory, attendees will gain valuable insights into the transformative impact of automation on operational efficiency, product quality, and employee engagement.
    Moreover, Mike will share practical advice gleaned from L&P Springs UK's experiences, offering recommendations for assessing automation needs, selecting the right integrator, and prioritising employee engagement and training. By leveraging scalable automation solutions tailored to SMEs, businesses can unlock new levels of productivity and performance.
    Don't miss this opportunity to discover how automation can propel your factory into the future of manufacturing and explore proven strategies and actionable insights for accelerating productivity. Future Factories: Automation Strategies for SMEs Virtual Roundtable Session


  • Backing Britain Campaign Virtual Roundtable Session : Launch of the Backing Britain Manifesto and Call for a Minister for Manufacturing

    Purpose: We are relaunching the Backing Britain campaign to advocate for the appointment of a dedicated, apolitical Minister for Manufacturing. This role is crucial to ensure that individuals who understand the challenges and opportunities within the manufacturing industry have a strong voice in parliament. The roundtable discussion will cover current challenges for manufacturers, outline the campaign goals, and include a call to action with distributable digital assets for all participants.

    Discussion Points:

    • Overview of the campaign and its significance.
    • Sharing best practices to achieve campaign goals.
    • Brainstorming practical ways to improve the representation of manufacturers in parliament.
    • Developing a unified strategy to ensure the manufacturing sector receives the recognition, leadership, and support it deserves.

    Join us to help shape the future of UK manufacturing and ensure its vital role in our economy and national security is acknowledged at the highest levels of governmen


Join us for this powerful and inspiring 75-minute event that will ignite your passion and creativity!

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