Monthly Industry Meetup

Monthly Industry Meetup with PP Control & Automation, Cummins Inc. & Control Energy Costs

Monthly Industry Meetup with PP Control & Automation, Cummins Inc. & Control Energy Costs

Wednesday, 13 September at 09:00am


38 minutes


Monthly Industry Meetup

Join our Monthly Industry Meetup!

Join us for a captivating virtual event where industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals gather to share knowledge, insights, and best practices. Our mission is to foster collaboration, inspire innovation, and drive growth within the manufacturing community.

Each month, we feature 3 engaging talks from Made Members, focusing on best practice around key themes that shape the future of manufacturing. Our Meetup series covers a wide range of headline topics, including:  Future Factories, Sustainable Manufacturing, Global Britain, and People & Skills.

Our virtual events attract a diverse audience of Made Members, including esteemed senior manufacturing leaders, executives, and professionals. We believe in the power of shared experiences and strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute, learn, and connect.

In addition to the thought-provoking talks, our Meetup series offers interactive virtual roundtable sessions. Engage in lively discussions, exchange ideas, and gain further insights on the chosen subtopic. Collaborate with peers who share a passion for shaping the future of manufacturing.

September’s lineup of speakers and Roundtable Session subtopics includes:

  • Tony Hague, CEO at PP Control & Automation : Join us at our upcoming virtual event as Tony shares insights on outsourcing as a solution to the industry's skills shortage and efficiency challenges. Discover how companies can save costs, navigate recruitment complexities, and improve time-to-market through strategic outsourcing partnerships. With extensive experience in machine building and a track record of supporting automation initiatives, Tony brings valuable expertise to the table. In addition to his talk, Tony will be participatingin the virtual roundtable discussion specifically focusing on the outsourcing topic, providing you with a unique opportunity to engage in interactive discussions with him and other industry professionals. Don't miss this chance to gain insights from a leading CEO and explore the potential of outsourcing in your own business. People and Skills : Outsourcing Solutions Virtual Routable Session
  • Steven Grace, Automation and Technology Leader at Cummins Inc.: Join us for an enlightening session as Steven unveils the revolutionary applications of Cobots (Collaborative Robots) within Cummins' factories in Darlington and Huddersfield. This talk is proudly delivered in partnership with Made Member FANUC, a leader in Cobot solutions. Steven will explore the remarkable successes and dispel misconceptions around Cobots. With nearly 100 Cobots deployed globally in the last year alone, Cummins' experience underlines Steven's expertise. From Darlington's Engine Plant to Huddersfield's Turbo Plant's utilisation of FANUC Cobots, Steven will navigate through aspects such as cost-effectiveness, skill requirements, adaptability to product mix, handling complexity and safety concerns. Discover how Cobots are driving productivity, efficiency, and safety on the factory floor. Join us to explore the transformative potential of Cobots in revolutionising the manufacturing landscape with insights from a seasoned expert. Future Factories: Cobots Deployment Insights Virtual Roundtable Session.
  • Nigel Addison-Evans, Client Relationship Manager at Control Energy Costs : Join us for an insightful exploration of sustainable manufacturing as Nigel delves into the realm of Carbon Offsetting. In this talk, we'll uncover the practical significance of carbon offsetting in mitigating environmental impact within the manufacturing sector. Nigel will navigate through the mechanics of carbon offsetting and its potential benefits for businesses aiming to achieve sustainability goals. From real-world examples to practical insights, this session promises a pragmatic perspective on incorporating eco-friendly practices into manufacturing processes. Get ready to grasp the essence of carbon offsetting and its role in shaping a greener, more responsible future for the manufacturing industry.  Sustainable Manufacturing: Carbon Offsetting Virtual Roundtable Session


  • Global Britain: Skilled Workforce and Immigration Virtual Roundtable Session  Be a part of a dynamic discussion that dives into the intricacies of the manufacturing landscape in the context of a Global Britain. Our topic of focus is "Skilled Workforce and Immigration," where we'll explore the challenges and opportunities tied to the movement of skilled workers across borders. Discover how a well-managed immigration system can shape the future of UK manufacturing. Delve into the skills gap and regulatory complexities that skilled workforce immigration brings, while also uncovering the potential for knowledge transfer and innovation through a diverse workforce. We'll tackle the idea of a targeted immigration system, collaborating with industry players, and the economic impact of a balanced approach to immigration. Join us to share your insights, ask questions, and contribute to this crucial dialogue. 


Join us for this powerful and inspiring 75-minute event that will ignite your passion and creativity!

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