This section allows you to create and edit an About Us section headline, upload featured image, add a caption for the image and add text for your About Us section.

About title

This appears as header text and should be a simple strapline that titles your About Us section. For example 'We are building a community together' or 'The voice of manufacturing'.

Image caption

This caption appears under your featured image. The image and caption are within the About Us section, so make this an image that captures what your business does and is about.

Featured image

This photograph will appear within your About Us section; for best results please upload an image 450 pixels (wide) by 250 pixels (high).

About your company

Use the editor to write 200-300 words that concisely describe your business, this is a required field so must be completed in order for the About Us section to appear.

Save About Us section

Once you are happy with your About Us content please press the green Save About Us button - we do not autosave so you need to ensure you save each section.

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