Numerous manufacturing business leaders attend Made events from virtual breakfast mornings to live factory tours. To connect with those you have been networking with at these events or if you simply want to find out who is attending these events, you can by logging into the Made platform. You can also message the people you want to connect with. 


Here is a step by step guide on how to view attendees:

1. Head to My Account in the top right hand corner of the Made in the Midlands or Made in Yorkshire website depending on what organisation your membership is with. Once you have used your credentials to login, head to Events on the left hand side of the dashboard.


2. Click on the event that you have attended or would like to see the attendees for. For Virtual Breakfast Mornings, which are Made’s most popular events, you will see ‘Agenda’, ‘Sessions’ and ‘Attendees’ listed underneath the event graphic. 


3. Click ‘Attendees’ and view who attended!


4. By clicking the message icon next to a member you can also chat to them via the Made platform. 


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